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After Gliders this should be a doddle

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818 Ladies Slingsby watch Anything to Declare? Slingsby on way to Embra Castle to complete his challenge Slingsby getting arrested for drunk and disorderly at the ARRSE Embra crawl 2005 Help for Heroes bear 'HERO' pprune? Who? After Gliders this should be a doddle 2401 At least it wasnt pink! Hmm..whats this OTC thing all about...didn't have it in my day!! My day out with Abacus! 7183 Slingsby exercises his map reading skills! 7184 Slingsby & Cait have a moment!
  1. Geordie_Blerk
    Thankfully it isn't wearing knee length, fcuking pink socks.
  2. Archduke Charles
    Archduke Charles
    What's wrong with knee length pink socks?
  3. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
  4. Archduke Charles
  5. bandofblubbers
    the remnants of 16 th Parachute Brigade