ACU in the street

Ski club buddies commence patrol
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Shaibar 1955 At the palace, me on right Shaibah EFI 1900 Hearts & Minds? 50 cal HMG firebase nice view ACU in the street op telic church loo's you lost the feeling in your legs sat on this F**ing things. 4219 Westland Wapiti, 84 Sqn, Iraq Can I keep this? B Sqn QRL On Patrol  00 Lynx LSB & M3 side by side chinook resupply
Mr Happy
Ski club buddies commence patrol
  1. polar69
    One mortar round = No more ski club buddies
  2. teehee
    are you on a picnic? weapons not even in your shoulder.....shocking
  3. gallowglass
    Is that Arabic for 'Born to Kill' or 'I want to go home' on the wee turret thingy? :wink:
  4. AbsoluteJEM
    Has the 3rd bloke from the right caught a cold? ? ?
  5. showman00
    Before they put that ****** in the turret they told him it said "Keep Back I'am Hard" in fact it says "Salman Rustie Staff Car"