Acting the goat BAOR 1963

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me in iraq Catalouge pose, modeling the latest in jungle wear 6195 DrStealth Our Lad Ricky - Aged 17 Buller Barracks Static line Acting the goat BAOR 1963 le2 There ye go. Me! Rincewind Episode VI Greengrass UQ working hard in 2004 My unit on Exercise with the TA. Something for you guys About the most warry thing I ever did was pose with this beauty.
  1. Gren
    So Eric Morecombe did serve? ;)
  2. Henry_Tombs
    Ern took the picture! :roll:
  3. brownhat
    Your horse has gone.
  4. Stonker
    Really knoew how to have a good time in those days. Thank gawd for the Beatles.
  5. jappslap
    is that David Walliams dad?