a picture speaks a thousand words

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Going to a Sgts mess dinner night After the landing - still on my feet Beach Buggy close to Iranian Border Sexy Beast Septics, Unite! I've got a great bedside manner... Me and my platoon a picture speaks a thousand words Im in love. 4741 Me on a Land Rover 6x6 Ambulance a young 83 me Rumpelstiltskin Desert DPM Soldier '95 Camo. Jumping across Adam & Eve on top of Tryfan North Wales
  1. theoriginalphantom
    before and after, 'transform' you too can become a woman
  2. Rhino_Stopper
    wasn't it Navy cadet people locked up in Thailand ?
  3. babyblue
    Hello Rincewind! Great Pic :lol:
  4. PartTimePongo
    I am traumatised 8O
  5. Rincewind
    dudes, i dont want to talk about it.