A bridge too far

Another place that every soldier must see
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Another place that every soldier must see
  1. yater_spoon
    It is humbling. I only visited once. I believe you can still see the repaired splat marks.
  2. dan_man
    I want to go there, my 49 Para renactment group would have a jolly good time
  3. Cloggie
    dan_man,don't you think that would give too much stress on the mental health of the 49 Para veterans? :wink:
    tears for the fallen... passwords and umbrellas come to mind too... noremorse jog on will ya please? this is a temple to past present and future wing wearers, me as a CH i admire those vetrans. bless you all!
  5. eyes-82
    no remorse you are right. But your still a c*ok for pointing it out.