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A bit nippy tonight aint it!

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Paris Hilton Fart 3072 So that's what they're for! Allah akbarrrrrrrr...  right!! Pimp this for a ride! The world is a safer place now.... A bit nippy tonight aint it! 3758 Wimbledon 2006 has anyone seen it yet? Manuel II Palaeologus (1350 - 1425) 4720 Oops... Busted. Grapeshot 5025
    Bit NIPPY out then :) .............Coat, Taxi , gone.
  2. AF1771
    LOL....excellent T-Shirt :lol:
  3. jonny3979
    One is definately lower than the other......or am I being just a tad too picky?
  4. smudge5611
    right on both counts j956.However a picture with no t-shirt for closer examination would be good! :D
  5. Slippery999
    johnny, i thought with the size of your moobs, you would understand what its like when you dont wear a bra.... :D