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  1. CC_TA
    See the rest? Try google earth.
  2. crabby
    She's wearing a fatty suit - otherwise known as a "Corset". I have no doubt we have a Gruffalo here who's tits would be sagging around her ankles if not for the support of 12 gauge mild steel and strong rope. So, "ladyflappytits"- can you waggle them in my face and then lash on my chest, nothing like the sugary sweet aroma of fat chick piss pouring in hot bursts to make my hampton squirt.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy
    I think she is wonderful!
  4. sandmanfez
    Thats the only way I'd want to see your hideous, gopping body LDS, decapitated and dismembered.
  5. Fat_Cav
    I want a clunge shot. I'm feeling unwell and yet have the desire to vomit.