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mastiff 5497 7473 Home made tattoos 4938 Missed, good job it was only an empty ammo box! The Moon 7474 Kabul . 4939 7475 Lord Drayson Visit to Afghanistan Dutch SF Commandos on patrol in Uruzgan province,Afghanistan Support Troop_51 Para Sqn_Royal Engineers_3 Para BG_Op Herrick 4_Summer 2006 Ally looking Dutch Mercedes Geländewagen,Afghanistan
  1. Kaye
    Well, he might be on ops, but he's NOT on a diet! :lol:
  2. Gremlin
    You're a Cloggie, but he can lose weight! :p 8)
  3. Cloggie
    No matter how much weight he would lose,he'd still be a pommie... :p 8)
  4. orangesoldiersoldier
    u do a job in afghan en u pussy bellend featurd twit
  5. crabby
    Based on your signature block you've not done a tour of Afghanistan either orangecnutlips (neither have I by the way) - Cloggie is one of out two resident Dutchies, Kaye is hish partner and hish lover alsho.