Quala Bost
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WMIKs in contact in Zumbeley, Afghanistan 7462 Pics Zumbeley contact. Zumbeley. Still in contact as it gets dark! hello,we're Jehova's Witness. Do you have  a spare moment? Patrol along Helmand river to Kader Kalay village Un Soldat de France en AFG Afghan Zumbeley. Still in contact and it's bloody dark! Still no sign of air support!!! Afghan WMIK lie-up point somewhere east of Geresk, Afghanistan Piper Salute 2 hours later. Time for a fag break me thinks!!! 5765
Quala Bost
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  2. Geordie_Blerk
    Oooh look, some rocks.
  3. Gremlin
    Be fair, there is quite a bit of the obligatory sand in there as well.
  4. Rusty_Harlequin
    Never-the-less its not bad for a fort built in Alexander the Great's time (so only 2,300 years old).... :D
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