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Scimitar 01 bucks pirates, boat troop 73 armd engr sqn and royal marines ,,not 72 armd engr sqn 5312 6695 7255 Home Service Force still around and training! 7357 7433 image 98 East German Border Patrol 88 1 Scots Assaye Elephant 748 Percy Potter at Krupa, Bosnia '96 End Ex Proof positive Firing Line
  1. DozyBint
    Well that's THAT question answered; now how many of you does it take to change a light-bulb? :?
  2. bobthebrit
    i reckon they should make a movie about this, and have this image on the front of the DVD box... inspirational stuff.
  3. smudge5611
    Great idea bob,but the yanks will just come along and remake it,changing history as they do. :wink: :lol: