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Wedding day On the way up Kilimanjaro Feb 2004 6009 6339 6827 7034 Aldershot 1975 7411 7583 finger IRAQ WHAT A HAPPY PLACE!!! A Blast From The Past - Deepcut 1970 921 adonwar 1309 Going to a Sgts mess dinner night
  1. brownhat
    cam net looks a bit stretched.
  2. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    ah, steward, vodka, soda with a splash of lime please, quick as you like, theres a good chap!
  3. Touch_it
    The Cock of Gibraltar
  4. LurganCrow
    The Dropshort Drill SGT missed the point about winter camo
  5. mastergnr
    WTF - I'm ashamed