MERT taking off 2008
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IED's are a pain in the ARRSE Sappers sand bagging 51 para Sqn 7515 I think that's the way home! mastifs all in a line Waiting for the chopper Stand Down 7365 Herrick 7 CLP C Coy, 3 PARA in Zumbeley contact. WMIK patrol in Nowzad Securing the HLS Between Gereshk and FOB Rob 3 PARA sniper Troops going into outskirts of Musaqula Mud pies
MERT taking off 2008
  1. Punk_trooper
    WTF??? is that a camera trick or what?? :?
  2. snornin
    Nope, no ghost..Its a lab tech that wouldnt stand still....
  3. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Im suprised he went outdoors!
  4. Johntheone
    you can do it on every camera, even your phone, you just need to be drunk, :mrgreen: All you really do is open your aperature up and move your camera as you take the pic
  5. Gremlin
    Aperture? WTF are you talking about? It's down to the fact that someone was standing still in the frame during part of the exposure.