Emsdorf Helmet, 1774. This style of helmet was worn by the 15th Light Dragoons between...
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Emsdorf Helmet, 1774. This style of helmet was worn by the 15th Light Dragoons between 1770-1784. It takes it name from the Battle of Emsdorf 1760, in which the regiment pursued and defeated a large force of French Infantry. Emsdorf was the first Battle Honour to be awarded to a regiment of the British Army.

On display in the Sergeants' Mess of The Light Dragoons (because the members of the Officers' Mess could not show due reverence).
  1. Gremlin
    Sorry But Tangier 1662-1680 is the first, held by 2nd Foot , now the PWRR and also the HCR.
  2. Auld-Yin
    But Emsdorf is the first actually awarded to a unit.
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  3. CaptainPlume
    Don't tell me - the Officers were wearing it during mess hi-jinks! The Skins' Salamanca Staff is actually the Salamanca billiard cue after Gen Sir Monkey Blacker broke it when he was a Subaltern & had it replaced by the Regimental Chips...
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  4. AlienFTM
    Correct. Found in a bush outside a mess window the morning after "Officers' Mess" high jinks. The grown-ups were apoplectic.