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6089 6552 6553 MG42/3 3404 SLR, the new rifle. 6758 7287 Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt Rifle No.1 mk.III 95th Foot circa 1854 Northover Projector Hogleg Vickers MG, Manchester Regt, Troodos Cyprus 1937 British Soldier Afghanistan M60
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Ah the days when men were men; and we all now suffer hearing loss!
  2. IndianaDel
    Waht! Hearing loss you say? The Beltfed one was much worse for that!!!!! 8O
  3. jessum1466
    ah the WOMBAT 5 days of field firing in Bergen hohne 4 weeks of deafness ranging gun hand and mud and grit embedded into your skin from the back blast