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life in an Infantry Bn 1980's Germany The Memorial to the Women of WWII RRS Capbadge 3 SCOTS TOS and hackle The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 3099 3403 mud run geimproviseerd VTG :D 4536 Irish parade TA100 Freedom of the city Parade, Southampton 21.6.08 Baron Castleshort Medals 2007 7140 7198 The Chieftains
  1. emptyeye
    My UNICOM printout to shut some ACF people up
  2. Interceptor
    Do you keep that inside your penison book, Grandad? ;)
  3. emptyeye
    yeah..when I was bagdad when you was in your dads bag..cheeky fooker
  4. Renut
    Did you go by flying carpet :)