The Pirates of Chatham
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The Pirates of Chatham
  1. Fang_Farrier
    Don't remember them being there when I was in Chatham! Would have made it a damn sight more interesting posting!
  2. Zega
    Is that just next to The Royal Marine if i remember correctly? Ohh brings back some memories!
  3. VanHelsing
    Yep Zega, outside The Royal Marine, which may I add was proudly sporting a Para Reg plaque behind the bar
  4. sexybomb
    Ah, the class of 'Chey'tham Upon Medway', neighbouring Row'chester. "Get ourt moy arrse. Tets first, Oi'm a facking lady!". Three Sapper daughters!!!
  5. don_ten
    Its a fckin Yeti.