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Nad E Ali 2011 Christmas day 2007, Camp Bastion. 7610 3 Flags at FOB Price ANP nice and toasty Somewhere over the AO VCP 7135 Sinking feeling A change of gun for a day. OP OMID HAFT - June 2011 sangin Royal Anglians parade Watford Sinking feeling 2 Redders enjoying the view. OP OMID HAFT - June 2011
  1. chuggafugga and No.4 Mk.1 like this.
  2. Fallschirmjager
    Carrying the GPMG like a true craphat.
  3. Auld-Yin
    And there was me thinking Reni was a Sooperdooperparatrooper!! :wink:
  4. Porridge_gun
    Page 104 of Ground Truth, shows a member of 3 Para carry the GPMG in an identical way.... just like a craphat :D
  5. Ozgerbobble
    The difference being that Reni is balancing it on his cherp
  6. Fallschirmjager
    PG why are you reading such tosh? :D