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My 50th with my muckers from the Scots Yeo and the RA <img...
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5125 Me and Jim 5321 5735 GWAR 6666 Meeeee and the boys... Yes I'm being groped! 7124 Camo King Me Dealing on our Casino Tables Headless Chickenpunk Pace Stick Drill Team Me posing ....again Pistol packin' Poppy Up to some old tricks 758
My 50th with my muckers from the Scots Yeo and the RA :)
  1. Auld-Yin
    Hell of a décolletage but no tits :( (except the ones either side of her :wink: )
  2. SilverSurfer
    Guy on right was just back from Afghanistan RMP TA, Photo does Mel no justice whatsoever, one hell of a great lass :D
  3. sillyboy
    I bet she is. If your into gaudy, spangly belt buckles, plunging necklines and a Bradford scaffolders tanline, I think I remember her stood in the background when Delboy took a tumble whilst talking to Trigger in that 'trendy' winebar ! :D
  4. firestarter
    Night of the living dead ?
  5. sexybomb
    Seen more Chest in a Lego Pirates set