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A Sect. Crimmin Troop  (RAMC) 1984 Sword 3 Letter from my MP Eight Lives Down by Chris Hunter Me South Armagh 81 HMS Bulwark - offshore Dunkirk - Help for Heroes 2008 6893 6971 7524 7606 Corp of drums with Bodelwyddan Church in the back ground various Reichstag 1984 QRL ice sculpture luge Catterick The devonshire and dorset regiment Can I join as well
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Good image Reni; any technical details you want to share with us, camera, lens ect?
  2. Citiboy
    pse ring Charles Heyman (Editor Armed Forces of the UK) 07889 886170
  3. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Are they Booties? Isnt this the same picture that they use in the credits of the National Geographics 'US Green Berets under fire' series?
  4. sillyboy
    No mate, it's not, it's part of a few snapped off and distributed.