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the mysterious rotorin the pentagon? Firemans strike first time 2986 3853 on top of 7.62 Hill in Albania 2006 Scimitar On exercise at aldershot 6877 Army Winter Biathlon 2009 - on the firing line The Chelsea Pensioners, Remembrance Day '09 Tawi in a former life Combat Supplies 87 IJLB September 1981 one platoon of 10 Oman Gan island troop Templer Bks Gym Interior
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Let me guess; gay icon?
  2. chris951
  3. Cutaway
    After that pic Tomstokesy, you're going to love the showers in the spiders at Pirbright.
  4. huscarl
    I want one of dem dere wolfskin cape thingys,I'd look ded ard jus like Russell! :)