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The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 Ok lads,there goes the rabbit.  Readddyyyyyy.............. Jacket Combat DPM Lightweight 4535 Remembering the Irish Northampton Barracks BFPO 33 Wolfenbuettel Rear of launcher 6836 7139 7620 Queens Life Guard ACC LADS MAT GULF 1975 life in an Infantry Bn 1980's Germany The Memorial to the Women of WWII RRS Capbadge 3 SCOTS TOS and hackle
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    you also have a 'Them' pic as your avatar.
  2. max-max-max
    It was only an 'in absentia' pic until i got some new ones up, which i now have....Jeez who lit the fuse on your tampon?!?
  3. Mighty_doh_nut
    Max you are an underpant. Your pics are crap, post one of your mum pissing into a fusebox
  4. Geordie_Blerk
    Max, you have the drive and panache of a teenage civilian drug addict. Stop posting pish from your **** bank.
  5. Cutaway
    Is that a scene from 'Bugs' ?