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4029 Sarge and Enery a different kind of blast Me teaching skill at arms Hung over Antarctic Marathon 2007 Managed to upload into the 'safe area' last time. Only noticed due to the lack of abuse. 6767 Reservists Pair o'posers. St Angelo 81 ish Snow White minus the 7 dwarf's 2 readyfourzero on holiday in NW Oz 1269 The Lash Recently Man test Me and my Bros...
  1. Scarlett
    i celebrate the welsh :wink: :wink:
  2. mark1234
    Most people celebrate because they're not welsh.
  3. smudge055
    I bet it's been sometime since he's had an old dragon around that area!!!
  4. buster179595
    **** mate the decent thing and put a shirt on .......there are kids looking at this
  5. george07
    I know him he's nuts ex welsh Guards