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Live Night firing Some ranges up north Sprog Olympics 2005 Yorkshire Regiment Mascot and Handler 4144 4424 Another lovely day at the beach in Russia. Whew! alot of years for these 6639 7143 arrsing about bpa Random SOXMIS card Hung out to Dry What does one wear on a day out in Iraq?? EOD
  1. Baseplate
    What ARE you doing? Boiling up the residue from Jade Goody's hysterectomy??! Add some more tumeric, you fool.
  2. zubrzycki
    now THIS is a happy soldier
  3. ofcrneko
    1982-Mess crankin' on the USS Leington (AVT-16)
  4. cuckingfunt
    Testing for Pay As You Dine begins....
  5. BlackHand
    Lenny Henry practices his Trevor McDonut routine, pre-TISWAS