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2082 3140 STUMPY- Hitched up with a foxy wee local. 4929 Beamish The mutt! British Bulldog 663 Grommitt's replacement...Rifledog Oliver 2680 I think the dog had been at the booze over christmas My Dog STUMPY-  aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! 6144 6766 Gismo and Bruce.  Friends, really.
  1. Ozgerbobble
    Its turning into fcukin crufts on here ;)
  2. goddess
    who are you calling a dog fish breath?
  3. Toonie
    cute tho huh .... just hope the ones got nbc kit ... in case its ....gas gas gas dog fart alert :roll:
  4. eve1962
    You got all the little pups too?
  5. ExMick
    only 100