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coudn't resist it Me Walt-posing me ice climbing 5154 Silver Wedding in Cape Town Have fun 6410 6598 le1 Yes thats his going out shirt...... Low Five Welly in downtown Da'nang,  get some, get some who am i? As requested by Flowers and OB - Slate away!! 2250 Party Hat
  1. firestarter
    The Baron Shortt???
  2. Bowser-Mong
    Like your sunglasses. They're so navy right now.
  3. zubrzycki
    he could pull off a mark 'chopper' read look alike competition
  4. dhgrainger1
    Weren't you in the film about McDonalds? By the size your jowls this pic was taken mid filming too, you fat cnut.
  5. David2008
    Looks like James Hetfield 8O