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Me on a Land Rover 6x6 Ambulance a young 83 me Rumpelstiltskin Desert DPM Soldier '95 Camo. Jumping across Adam & Eve on top of Tryfan North Wales me in bovi tank museum 72 6340 Paul And Hutch Glasmullen '80 mrsrumpel It's 'coz I'z Black innit? RMP subject to CDT investigation The Company Car 1310 Papa and Grandson me
  1. JokerR
    Fuckin hell its Mrs Blobby! i didnt know she was a nurse
  2. spider056
    are you all saying you wouldn't? never ever? You lie to yourselves!
  3. BadDay
    Well, Every hole is a goal i suppose.
  4. Renut
    Put it back in the cage
  5. Harry Paget Flashman