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4185 the end of the world! 5144 5182 me 5971 guitar_playa08 6313 6687 Joe Civvie 322 Waiting for his driver.Newry 79 ish Meanwhile down in the lab. Stabtastic and chums Let's hit the hut 13tp D SQN 4RTR 19canteen
  1. Over4MeNow
    Squayal like a paeg! Diddle um ding ding ding ding dang!
  2. brucewillis
    Diddle um dam ding dang ding dang dong!
  3. Kaye
    What's with the Mickey Mouse ears? Are the cadets on a day out to Disneyworld North Wales?
  4. zubrzycki
    the guy at the bottome left looks like he wants to take the whole trailer
  5. buster179595
    Its that bunch of gay faggots I saw at paintballin last Saturday ........... they wore black lycra then