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goo goo us lookin fit! lol 4846 Me..... Yes, I know the sunnies are not ASOD ok!! behind the name the person Canada's awsome... :S 5711 6013 10 6756 Moi Training exercise last year img 0005 imagescaz43p ac BL at leisure.
  1. zubrzycki
    have you seen this man? wanted by crime watch....
  2. xmg79
    Its a Glory Hole
  3. clarabelle
    have MOD cutbacks resulted in a shortage of black nasty in the 'regiment' :?
  4. nottinghamgirl
    did you have a pair of knickers on yr head when you had yr hair cut? cos he's made you look like a proper cnut!
  5. brewmeister
    Definately your best side Clive!