6 x 6 jackal

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  1. Taffnp
    wow a section beach buggy with machine guns
  2. crabby
    Does the radio pick up FM as well as AM?
  3. DozyBint
    Saw this on the Top Trumps programme - looks excellent fun! From memory (I know, v. dodgy! :D ) it has a top speed of 80 m.p.h. has a range of around 500 miles (without using the auxillary fuel supply) and deals with really nasty terrain easily.
  4. Blue_On_You
    I want one, will be checking ebay daily
  5. CombatStig
    I have driven one of these at 70mph on the cross country route at work. Very capable vehicle but I'd sooner be in a Ridgeback or Mastiff thankooooo