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  1. ttayy
    ummmm thats a no and a no from me
  2. shortfuse
    f uck me it's the "Buffet bandits"... have you both got fleshy water wings on for wading through soup? I'd love to say you're employing the "ugly mate" pairing but I'd be hard pressed to figure out which one of you is more gopping than the other- are they the toilets in your local burns ward?
  3. Vimeiro
    If I was living 'Survivors', I'd stick with you two. If only because you'll find the food.
  4. Twatfink
    Ohhh yeh I would :twisted:
  5. P_J
    I never thought I'd see you two on here!! I shall be having words next time I see you! ;o) Jac xx