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get your tubes looked at join the mortar platoon New Canadian recce vehicle Reid briefing 4728 4761 5271 Maybe in their backyard ? 5941 Well it made me laugh anyway! Telic 4 7514 The Wooden Horse O.B.L. caught testing rotors Be Prepared I still belive...
  1. Joker
    taking dogs of war to a whole new level?
  2. The_16th_Earl
    Go get 'em Fido!
  3. Trans-sane
    Guess Fido got bored of chasing that tabby from No. 12 and decided to deal with the mog once and for all
  4. fulber
    the US Army's best soldier prepares for iraq.
  5. Kaye
    Looks like the cook from 'Apocalypse Now'!