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Wobbly coffee!  Splendid! Uncle Fester? 4882 professionalism lol me Soltau 1976 and back again 5914 DF Telic 3 me gettin ready for the sun! 7037 img 0007 Sudan Joe Civvie 210 Sunny Bessbrook Mill
  1. Gren
    you were dared to post that pic? ok i dare you to post one with legs akimbo, pref shaved :D
  2. saintstone
    "here lies evidence behind the statement birds join the army to get squaddie cock, what a slag. you give the rest of the female population a bad name" pot,kettle,black, ring any bells???
  3. nottinghamgirl
    haha love it, Gren! hehe
  4. Twatfink
    I got better than you at home luv !!!!! and shes had 4 kids
  5. britannia
    **** off is that you, the picture is to high res and i dont see how you took it since both ya arms are in the air. But if it is you then you should get a shave i can see ya man tash from a mile away.