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6988 son of dance event- vauxhall Seat Arosa!! The faceless wonders behind the Lab at BMH Shaibah! Oct 2003 A youthful Take That RSM TRF 552 585 659 812 844 Bambi Burger again! Goatman's last go Labuan me hammycheesyeggy
  1. tebagagap
    They are a Gunner Unit i think, originally formed as Cav.
  2. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Cav or Chav?
  3. Micky_Dees
    307 (South Notts Hussies) Bty RA (V)......hence the username.....a particularly fine bunch of BIFFs
  4. 307
    SNH were the heroes of Battle of Knightsbridge, fighting to the last round and being literally wiped out in the process. And currently hold the Queens Cup for best TA Bty.
  5. Micky_Dees
    Yes 307...but you are still Big Ignorant Fat F*ckers....and that includes your girly GLSC. Particularly in fact. :lol: