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It's only gay if you push back RAF Harrier Force From swords to plowshares. Culloden Battlefield Site 4988 fecked elbow Safari Company 5782 This is when I still wore a suit to work... 6123 Kung fu Bunny 7398 Cross Fell ATL on A young Auld_Slapper Ascension '83. A pair of tits
  1. Wija
    Now that is a 3 bagger and no mistake.
  2. gi_barbie
    oh my god!!! u were on my cmsr in bassingbourn!!! im not guna say your name but il message you on facebook!!!
  3. looney
    I'd love to do you darling.
  4. cuckingfunt
    looney, your name has been aptly chosen :D
  5. Blue_On_You
    I'd spaff on that, there's far worse at my unit