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Even if it is "pink ribbon day", it can't get gayer than this can it?
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Even if it is "pink ribbon day", it can't get gayer than this can it?
  1. down_under
    The pretty boy 2nd from the left looks to be wearing an ADM(Oz Gong). Pussers! They'll do anything to wear ppink. Must be before the Sydney gay parade.
  2. Voiladuboudain
    Even the helicopter's gay.....! Tom Cruise on the right needs to get himself down the stores to get a uniform that fits. Those shorts are way too big..
  3. Taffnp
    I knew I should never have put my stuff in the wash with that red jumper :x
  4. Gas Gas Gas
    Gas Gas Gas
    :oops: I managed to dye my oppo's and my PT whites pink by accident whilst at BRNC. We binned them.
  5. 52niagra
    I think the guy on the left fancies the one in fromt, but does`t want to show it.