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Save The Scottish Regiments Camapaign Logo 634 RMAS lit up The Yorkshire Regiment mascot 'Quebec' 3994 QRIH Crew Comdr badge. Cadet Leaders 5588 Post annon 7060 Combat Supplies 87 March n shoot NEW TRF FOR MFR ON Op TOSCA The Auld enemy 2993 NAS Mirimar, Top Gun Fighter Weapons School 1986, This Exact lecture room was used in the Movie
  1. lash
    Duke of Edinburgh at it again?
  2. Private_Pike
    The order was fall out
  3. Padrat
    passing out parade was it
  4. clendogz
  5. mr_medic
    If you make a mistake - stand still! No-one will notice and correct yourself on the next drill movement