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  1. General Melchett
    General Melchett
    Might be OK against CS, anything else you're fooked mate.
  2. fulber
    what twats wear green camo in the desert?!?!?!
  3. Gonzo
    Fulber - I would imagine that this was taken on TELIC 1, so the twat you refer to would be in Whitehall somewhere...
    yeah fulber , this twat wore it telic 1 i rest my case , f-cking disgrace and my resi spent its 18 th birthday out there aswell hes household div rodney aswell big guards pips , he would of had his man run to silvermans for that kit , pims anyone ,
  5. dr_spoggle
    who the f*** just farted or will some one turn off pte jones alarm clock