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German Fallschirmjaeger - repatriation, Kunduz Oct 2008 Daybreak, Upper Gereshk Valley Op Herrick 10 - 2 RIFLES patrol returning to FOB Inkerman -Michael YON report Royal Scots  mentoring ANA patrol - Helmand June 2010 Kings Palace, Kabul A Coy and Patrols Pl (3 Para) in Nal Zad. Op Volcano 5496 7471 Walking past the scrapyard Op. Volcano mastiff 5497 7473 Home made tattoos 4938
  1. showman00
    great pic, you can almost taste the dust.
  2. crabtastic
    "Tell you what lads, all this shooting is a pain in the arrse. I can barely hear my iPod."
  3. BRMoore
    "nananananan I can't hear you taliban so you dont count"
  4. Ubique_john
    Sarge! can you tell them to keep the noise down terry tallibans keeping me up!