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Salute 2 hours later. Time for a fag break me thinks!!! 5765 6548 Lone Piper - out of the sunset!!! (FOB Keenan) Local shop in Kabul Sangin humour. 5494 500lb Bomb (FOB Keenan) Marine KIA IN Afghanistan Nomad Boy Literally giving the taliban a roasting in sangin!!! Royals going at it during operation Volcano 5495 German Fallschirmjaeger - repatriation, Kunduz Oct 2008 Daybreak, Upper Gereshk Valley
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  2. convoy_cock
    Hey!!! Vatch out Hansh, zhat crayshy misshile shtruck the vall. For shure, if you do zhat again, zhe badge'll bounsch you.
  3. Cloggie
    LOL @ C_C Zhat wash gould! :D
  4. the_rigger
    Hey Larzsh, dish crayshee bong dat uve created, itsh giving me shuch a buzsh, itsh makink my earsh hurt. Come on letsh hit da vendersh, for sure I am having da muncheesh.
  5. Welburn75
    Quality picture
  6. Johntheone
    Actually fookin amazing, if not an epic picture
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