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Macblue, more recently, older but not much wiser.
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Goatman's last go Labuan me hammycheesyeggy Sexy? good old days Still living in the 80s me chillin oot! 5485 On the Falklands 25th Anniversary Pilgrimage 5963 Many moons ago my squadron I'm a Soldier...get me out of here ! ' at work 7417
Macblue, more recently, older but not much wiser.
  1. Ozgerbobble
    Its Huey from da Fun Lovin' Criminals isnt it?
    I bet the hours fly by in your house,lighten up you miserable cnut
  3. PTS265
    Is that dogs piss in your mug or something? Cheer up!
  4. stroker
    How was prison by the way?
  5. Idontgetit
    You're dead choochy. Just cheer up. There'll be another lass along soon enough. :wink: