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Be Prepared I still belive... 3600 Navy checking for crabs Their's always one who can't get it up. ARRSE..>> 4634 5121 5464 Last Field Engineer Protest Bike Dodgy Adverts for Titles Back in the Day So, That's where it is!!! Medal Parade roughing it in the Field 2134
  1. Ozgerbobble
    2 Fat Underwoods
  2. sandmanfez
    You are having a ******* laugh my camp compadre. Thats the new RAF designer threads collection. Frankly, I'd rather dress in a tutu, spangly boobtube and S10
  3. bigbird67
    bigbird67 you don't already?
  4. Taffnp
    How much are the prison lookalike long sleeved shirts or are they in the next catalogue. Oh and could someone start the engine ? :D
  5. Furryturd
    I thought that RAF officers only shopped at Marks & Sparks.