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3904 Stoatman and Cloggie with the ARRSE Caravanning Club Billy Big Timer Spooning at 13,500 ft. handsome legionaire in calvi..1996 5181 5337 5409 5676 6312 Me playing Guitar GD Shadow, Kesh 79 474 The Fly you polystyrene parrot Mummys Little Soldier
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Ah, bezzers!
  2. Wija
    I will give you £3 for the lampshades...
  3. TheSnake
    "Keep smiling, and pretend you like me, or this fag goes up your nose".....
    A bit too much male bonding going on there methinks
  5. Random_Task
    "A trophy photograph taken by the man wanted for questioning by police,for the violent bum rape of the landlord of the Nelson,and theft of his 8 year old son's Y-fronts"