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Two 16th/5th Lancers The Four Sacred Menus LCVP and LCU Mk10 - HMS Bulwark 2nd Light Infantry Lads at the Lunch in Leeds Civic Hall 1st August 2009 7605 lib3 Ballykinler1 539 Solid Brass Prizzie!! PO Trg at 7 Sigs Trg Wng forces sweetheart with squaddies A Sect. Crimmin Troop  (RAMC) 1984 Sword 3 Letter from my MP Eight Lives Down by Chris Hunter Me South Armagh 81
  1. DozyBint
    Is that orange thing a marker that BB has been there? 8O :lol:
  2. Cutaway
    No it means she's still out there. Read the Yellow sign: "Do not touch any military debris. It may explode and kill you." 8)
  3. GhillieTheKid
    Air soft training ground?