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  1. TankiesYank
    That's absolutely disgusting, SF...I can't believe your dad let you smoke.
  2. Gremlin
    If it is someones kid, why has it been posted in the Pets section then??
  3. threaders_vm
    Gilso I've never met you but worryingly I want to skin you and turn your kneecaps into dust. You're a civvy aren't you? Gopping ****. I want to **** that kid.
  4. sandmanfez
    Very touching gilso, we're all someones kid man! Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, they all loved their mummys, but it don't ******* wash with me sunshine, that kids a wrong un, I can tell. It needs burning now, while its still small enough to fit on the barby.
  5. Cutaway
    9199gilso wrote: "this is someones kid man," No. It's both Welsh AND gwa, it's best if we off it now.