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Dennis, me, step mom Bertha, dad
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Having fun in Basra. ME Thank you, (only) solar_powered and AB biscuit for not being so horrid... In Russia 4206 5125 Me and Jim 5321 5735 GWAR 6666 Meeeee and the boys... Yes I'm being groped! 7124 Camo King Me Dealing on our Casino Tables Headless Chickenpunk
Dennis, me, step mom Bertha, dad
  1. Touch_it
    Blue uniform on a blue background, (blue on blue) you,ve gotta be yanks!
  2. crabtastic
    Does the senile old bastard picture right think he's in a barbershop quartet? Or is he in the the middle of a stroke? How much for a moustache ride? Dennis or you, doesn't matter to me.
    is this the brother hood of man , recieving there rock gods hall of fame award,
  4. Bowser-Mong
    Is Beertha, sorry, Bertha one of those trailer trash Jerry Springer types who is really related to you by blood ie your sister not your really your step momma.