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7203 Anyone Know the history of this vehicle Hookers At Mt Vitarog Bridging the hard way For sale in a Mostar shop for 200 euros Kiwi M113 Vitez 1995 Wrecked T54 Winter 1995 5232 Saxons of 1RRF, Hotel Kiseljak, November 1995 Map of the Balkans 2LI Warrior patrol March 1995 A wee bottie of slivo for an Arrsepedia article 5160 Vitez School Accomodation ISOs November 1995 Signal Platoon, 2LI, Comms recce to site a rebro outside Mrkonjic Grad, December 1995 The Route up country
  1. Santa_Sunday
    PBI...?? Poor Bloody Infantry...?? Not in Bosnia in 1996 they weren't. ... Ha Ha....That book must be a real ******* riveting read.....
  2. Geordie_Blerk
  3. BayonetPinCushion
    Ahh, poor Geordie, did the TA Jacket upset you? Did his critically acclaimed book upset your ARAB sensibilities? Or is it that the big words in it hurt your brain? Tosser!
  4. threaders_vm
    I dont think the bloke upset him. He's just exercising his God given right as a regular to abuse you walter mitty, soldier hobbyists at every opportunity - you STAB *****.
  5. CunningLinguist
    I've read this book and its one of the best squaddie books out there. This book covers the end of the fighting and they lost 4 blokes - it wasn't a holiday. He was a reg for the duration (S type) and only mentions the TA at the end when he rejoins after POTL