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The FAME/JSART team Dad in The Field kiss my fat arse! 3566 3881 DAK 5210 5396 5608 CDT CJ 5744 5955 Me (in the middle) and me girlz 6255 6337
  1. BlackHand
    Looks like that fat fecker Lisa Marie Presley?
  2. Leigh
    Hello ToniBird, nice to see a fellow RP lady over here :D
  3. Vimeiro
    You look like that mental doctor on Eastenders. I'd still shag you though.
  4. Touch_it
    Eh up fatty, you still no sorted those f**king eyebrows out yet?
  5. nottheheadshed
    Right tonibird. Kit off, stand square .......... Na, not unless you've got a cute mate.Still, they are all pink inside,