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2805 My granddad just before WW2    8th Regiment Infantry,Royal Netherlands Army ahh bless im that my boy with his first stripe Me climbing at Guildford 4107 4185 the end of the world! 5144 5182 me 5971 guitar_playa08 6313 6687 Joe Civvie 322
  1. xmg79
    where did i put me tabs? was it 3rd pouch on the left? or 8th pouch on the right? total cnut
  2. Idontgetit
    'I thought he looked like Captain Oates':' I may be gone for some time'..... with the above flak, sweet, suggest you stay gone for a bit an' all :roll:
  3. stroker
    Driver for some third rate PMC at best, airsofting geek at worst, either way still a twat!
  4. crazyjay
    Ah but where's your leathermans :? what a total loser, you don't look good you look a total tit :ncool:
  5. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    In your profile you say you like hill walking, blah, blah and the obvious, is the obvious being a big timing throbber who looks a complete penis?