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Taukkyan cemetery Ex Ramasoon 1967 Thailand Voglezang Camp from across the range lake 1967 Rorkes Drift - British Memorial D.D.R. Logo Clean-be seen and die 4445 5043 RAOC..BARKER BKS 83 colonel CHARDS grave Tyne Cot - A Soldier of the Great War Jee Troop RAMC 1983 7527 Queen's Birthday parade, Hong Kong, 1967 HMTS Oxfordshire Gurkha kit inspection
  1. jack-daniels
    I think the guy was an officer in the Staffs and he was interviewed on History Channel not so long back.
  2. scarletto
    he is jack reynolds staffords mortar commander,now passed away.lost teeth when pipe was blown out of his mouth
  3. 3milesniper
    It is Jack Reynolds South Staffords and I met him that photo was taken after capture at Arnhem Fanstastic Bloke ICH DIEN
  4. björn
    What made me think of Arnhem is that it looks late WWII equipment and it was the last time any evidence of British troops surrendering was taken.
  5. dextrose
    :pissedoff: Hate to say it but surely there is pics of bootys at Port Stanley