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kuwait  quite some time ago Defending the Hun... Me It's only gay if you push back RAF Harrier Force From swords to plowshares. Culloden Battlefield Site 4988 fecked elbow Safari Company 5782 This is when I still wore a suit to work... 6123 Kung fu Bunny 7398 Cross Fell
  1. Mighty_doh_nut
    Just how dangerous? Write bum on a wall and run away or cut a mans throat with an insole? Ever sampled another mans butt musk?
    That is a very large forehead,and is that a bit of dribble on your chin?MLLLARRR
  3. newy921
    It is dangergous brian.... well the dodgy ears anyway!!!!
  4. Hugh_Jardon
    Want anything from the shop? Cornetto
  5. PoisonDwarf
    Angus Deayton....arghhh!